Ottica Contemporanea

Ottica Contemporanea  is a web space that hosts international artists, creatives, curators and critics with the aim of sharing reflections and free thought on our time, through art.

Mission of the project: to support the diffusion of an international cultural activity.

Ottica Contemporanea hosts 5 sections edited by as many professionals of international culture:

Urban – art and public spaces – by Santiago Caprio
Explorations – beyond the borders – by Azzurra Immediato
People – artists ‘stories – by Francesco Ciotola
Visions – creatives, curators and critics from the world – by Raffaele Loffredo
Multimedia Art – texts, sounds, images – by Lamosa Lab

The blog born from a project by Francesco Ciotola at a time when a relational exchange between countries is not possible, aims to continue over time to bring to light contents of public interest on the subject.

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