IoT / Art Competition

Italy of Tomorrow
We will be reborn through art

AAPS is proud to present as partner the “Italy Of Tomorrow Art” competition, the free competition for artistic -visual and audiovisual- works with the potential to influence the future of Italy. For the Italian identity that is inextricably linked to art.

Italy of tomorrow -More than a Hackathon- is a digital cooperative platform that allows people and business to come together in finding immediate, innovative and useful solutions to the economic and social crisis caused by Covid-19 which is now involving numerous players. Most of all, it’s an opportunity for everyone to give their contributions. Italy of tomorrow was born from cooperation of 80 volunteering professionals and co-organized with the support of the GaragErasmus Fundation.

About Italy Of Tomorrow Art
Individual or collaborative works, traditional or digital. Original works already made or ideas of projects to be carried out. Apply for your original work or explain the potential of your existing art project and why it responds to these challenges.

Unpublished or published works whose message is linked to a superior reflection on the Italy of tomorrow, the Italian productive identity and/or the Italian company, thematic axes of Labs For Italy, can participate in the competition.

What to apply?
Photography, illustration, sculpture, graphic design, lettering, infographics, maps, urban art, documentaries, video clips: any visual or audiovisual form is allowed.

Awards andhonorable mentions
The winning works will be recognized by our committee of experts and disclosed on the communication channels of Italy of Tomorrow and its partners.

How can I participate?
On 10-11-12 July send your work or your project to the email address together with the participation form.